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Isik Terapi, which has broken new ground in organic care products with its work in natural therapies for more than 25 years, produces organic-based hair products under the Organicum brand for the first time in Turkey with a certified organic hydrosol (freshly harvested plant sap and essential oils) care series brought together with consumers who are cautious about their personal care and environment.

The anti-allergenic effects, stability and therapeutic effects of the products have been approved by R&D studies and tests carried out in accredited laboratories at ETKO/COSMOS ORGANİK, Anadolu University and abroad.

Isik Terapi set a trend in the first Turkish baby products which is produced after long-term R&D studies with the Organicare Baby brand and that has a 100% organic certificate by the international certification company ETKO/COSMOS ORGANİK

Organicum Sunscreen products range, which took its place on the pharmacy shelves in 2010, has been formulated as products that can be safely used by children and adults with sensitive skin, with its organic anti-allergen ingredients and new generation formulas.

Paraben, Dye, Synthetic extract, SLS, SLES, EDTA, Lanolin, Paraffin (Mineral Oil, Petrolatum), Animal Fats and Silicone are not included in any of our products. Our products are not tested on animals. (cruelty free product).

The best gift we can give to the future generations and the environment would be products that are formulated with organic oils and extracts, and not contain prohibited and toxic substances.

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