Nature of Our Country

Since the world has existed, nature and man have been parts of an inseparable whole. Mother earth, with its dazzling magnificence, has presented us with its magical plants that have been a cure for our diseases since ancient times.

Botanics of Sun

Organic botanicals, universal healing tools that given to us…
We start our partnership knowing with love the panacea-healing effects they will pour on us when we give them the necessary care.

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Everything in the universe continues to prevail in certain integrity and balance.
However, although we know that living things on earth were created in an extraordinarily synchronous manner, why do we do our best to disrupt this harmony?

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Organicum Products

The plants of the sun are waiting to pamper you with their special care every day in order to reach healthy Organicum products, whose energy and vitality are immediately noticed.

To beautiful and healthy days filled with the light of love, the warmth of love and the energy of Organicum…


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Why Organic Cosmetics?

What is organic? Dictionary meaning of organic; derived from living organisms. Products obtained without deteriorating their natural structure are classified as organic.

What is organic farming? In order for a planting area to receive an organic agriculture certificate, the soil must be processed for 3 years without using any pesticides, artificial fertilizers and hormones, and the seeds sown must not be genetically modified. It is obligatory that the area where the field is located is far from busy main roads, industrial facilities, therefore units producing toxic wastes.

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icea_sertifikasiOrganic certified cosmetic products:
They do not contain prohibited substances specified in regulations and approved lists. They do not contain GMOs. No pesticides or hormones are used during production. Animals are not used in final product testing. They are processed without ionizing radiation. They are formulated with organic certified herbal inputs. It is the first Turkish product to receive organic certification in the field of Organicare. All necessary checks have been made by ICEA (Ethics and Environmental Certification Institute), and it has been awarded a certificate. You can access the certification information by typing Organicare in the product name on the page.

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