Organicum Lavender Hair Care Shampoo contains organic lavender hydrosol as well as vitamins and minerals in the natural structure of organic nettle and thyme extracts; Balances hair’s natural oil production.

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Lavender Hair Care Shampoo

It repairs the hair texture, revitalizes it and cleans it deeply without abrasion. It prepares the environment for the restructuring of the hair tissue and accelerates the change process against hair loss. It thickens the hair strands. It helps to slow down the greying of hair. It gives natural shine and volume to the hair from the first wash. By nourishing and revitalizing the hair texture, it allows the hair to grow naturally quickly. Since its certified organic raw material does not contain any hormones, genetically modified seeds, synthetic fertilizers or pesticide residues, there is no allergen and irritant effect. With Organicum shampoo suitable for frequent and daily use, lather your hair by circular massage, 2-3 minutes. Rinse with plenty of warm water after waiting.