Organicum Intensive Care and Repair Shampoo Against Hair Loss It is a special product formulated with milk proteins & organic hydrosol with proven effectiveness against hair loss and damage to the scalp.

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Intensive Hair Loss Care and Repair Shampoo

Milk protein rejuvenates scalp cells, including hair follicles, stimulates protein biosynthesis and has a metabolic stimulating effect on the scalp. For this reason, it prepares an environment for visible changes in the hair in a short time, especially in hair loss and other scalp problems. The sulfur-rich amino acids N-acetyl-cysteine ​​and N-acetyl-Methionine are affected by seborrheic changes in the scalp and provide a helping effect to prevent the formation of dandruff in the hair. In addition to milk proteins, Nettle & Juniper & Laurel Hydrosol extracts in its special formula, Buckeye, biotin and amino acids help repair, moisturize and restructure damaged hair in a short time. With Organicum shampoo suitable for frequent and daily use, lather your hair by circular massage, 2-3 minutes. Rinse with plenty of warm water after waiting.