Active Hair Mask

Organic extracts in their content revitalize the hair texture that is worn, dried and thinned due to chemical processes and environmental effects.

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Active Hair Mask

Intensive care and repair mask with organic herbal extracts is effective against excessive hair loss, weakness, dandruff, flaking, acne and itching. While the organic extracts in their content revitalize and renew the worn, dried and thinned hair texture due to chemical processes and environmental effects, it ensures rapid growth of the hair and prepares the environment for the formation of new hair.

All organic certified nettle, myrtle leaves, horsetail, rosemary extracts and apricot kernel, olive and black cumin oils in its formula are effective in quickly eliminating problems such as excessive shedding, dandruff, oiliness, eczema, itching and weakness. Enriched with E, B5 and wheat proteins that regenerate and repair cells.

It does not contain paraben, silicone, colorant, synthetic extract, paraffin (paraffinum liquidum), EDTA, lanolin and gelatin.

Organicum Active Hair Mask, after thoroughly shaken, is applied to the wet hair roots with circular massages, wrapped with a stretch and hot towel and waited for one hour. It is poured with plenty of water, washed with Organicum shampoo and rinsed.

It is recommended to be used as a cure with Organicum Shampoo, 3 times a week, for 3-6 weeks without using other care products.